Monday, November 21, 2011

FLASH back

I'm "flash"ing back to Halloween because I'm so behind the times on my blogging.

D had a great time turning three - but I think he loved being The Flash for Halloween even more. And he's been obsessed with all things Halloween ever since.

Here's some photos of the little superhero. We oddly had a large resistance from him to get the costume on - but once he got started Trick or Treating - he was a machine!

Here he is with cousin Haven, hitting the streets with Dad, checking out decorations with his great-grandpa, and just looking cool. Hope everyone's Halloween was as happy as D's was!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Something great.

Another book - another blog. This one is hilarious and adorable, as are most that make it on the blog.

Sally And The Something by George O'Connor.

This book appealed to me from the library racks because of the cute illustration on the front cover that implied a monster. It was close to Halloween when we checked it out, and D has been into monsters because of his new-found love of the movie Monsters, Inc. The graphics looked vintage - which always draw me in.

Sally is a little girl that is bored and so she goes to the pond to go fishing. After waiting a creepy green monster slithers its way on the dock and the little girl, instead of running away screaming, says "COOL!" and is excited the "something" is not boring.
They try to play Sally's favorite games like tea party and the something's favorite games like snail races...but neither are interested in the other's pastimes. So they compromise and do some things they both might enjoy - like a burping contest and leapfrog.
When Sally realizes he's tired she takes him home to his dad - and she returns home to rave about her new friend, who's "really something".

It's just a cute read from the get-go. Yes it's written about a little girl, but it's a perfect book for little boys. It teaches, in my opinion, the idea of not being afraid or judging something on appearance. This 'something' is Sally's new favorite friend - and it shows that so many people could be dear friends if they looked past the surface and tried to compromise. Plus a weird monster always makes for a funny literary journey.

Loved it. D loved it. It went on our wishlist too.
Man - how many books can Santa buy without it being weird? I have no clue when we'll get around to purchasing all these books.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

D's Happy Day

Well, we're 3 now. Can't believe that happened.
D had a great birthday week - upset only by a cold that caused mass-hysteria one night with a restricted breathing episode that caused him to have to go to the doctor and get a breathing treatment. But we're good now.

On his actual day, Grandma Susie came up and we had a good day. We took him to the petstore to look at the fish (stay tuned) and then to get a happy meal, since that's a huge treat for him. After a refusal to nap, we hit up Sonny Acres. And for the second time this season he loved it. He was happy to stand by the "how tall this fall" sign again, rode a pony, sat on a tractor, repeatedly went down a slide, and went down the big slide with grandma. (You can click the pictures to make them bigger).

After that we came home and had some dinner with daddy and a cake. (Which Dain would want me to point out that I did NOT make - I bought at Target because it was cute and decorated like a monster).

We presented D with his gifts. A Batman & Robin from A-Z book from the 1960s - which is amazing. And a FISHTANK! with Batman (the black fish), Robin (the yellow fish) and Alfred (the gray snail). *Note since the b-day we've gotten a different tank, and Robin is no longer with us...but we're coping.

I think he had a good day. At the time I was stressed with work and felt bad about it, but I think his superhero party on Sunday more than made up for it.
I'm too lazy to blog that now. So stay tuned.