Friday, January 29, 2010


What happened to my baby? He's growing up TOO fast - and I realized I just don't have a baby anymore.

Yep - slowly I'd been filtering out bins upon bins of baby stuff, including clothes, blankets, old cloth diapers, bouncy seat/swing, play-yard, etc to my in-laws' house for storage as we prepared our house for showing. My sister got all of her borrowed items returned as well. I long ago returned the bassinet that I crammed D into for way too long - which I borrowed from my boss.

Over the past few days I've been setting aside the baby toys. The rattles, soft toys and teething rings to name a few. I've been stowing the old bottles, the food processor, breastmilk storage accessories and other "kitchen" items in a cabinet and they're about to be boxed.
The baby car seats have been long removed, the padding has even been taken out of our convertible car seats.
I've loaned my exersaucer to my sister for my 5 month old nephew's entertainment.
The Baby Einstein videos will be sent back to Las Vegas for my sister to re-store since she loaned them to D.
Dain and I realized that we can now take the changing pad off the top of D's changing table and store that as well as it hasn't been used for months and months. (He's 33 inches long folks...he can be changed on the floor).
Within the next month - I will be done breastfeeding (still hanging on at night and in the morning but I've gotten the feeling from both D and I in the past few nights that it's time to start the graduation process soon).
D walks everywhere. The only time he crawls now is if he's dead-tired or I'm chasing him around and under the dining room table.

When did my baby get so grown up?

I guess I knew that eventually everything "baby" would be stored away to make room for new (and it's a lot to store). But thinking back to my first few weeks at home with a newborn...I couldn't imagine that it would go so fast. Even after 2 long months of a monitor that limited my mobility with my baby. Even through a YEAR of being up three times a night. Even thinking back on the seemingly unending pumping sessions at work. Even knowing that we had D's pictures taken at Sears/JC Penney every 3 months and I have an 8x10 on the wall to show for each one. It still went faster than imaginable.

I recently bought some teeny tiny gowns for my SOON to come new niece. I couldn't believe how it seems like yesterday I was washing those things every few nights - because waiting for a full load of teeny tiny laundry would mean that D would have to go naked. I started thinking that I need an organized storage system so that I'll be able to find that stuff someday. But it will be awhile.

I look at my living room covered in wooden cars, Little People and musical instruments - watch D dance and clap along to the songs from Special Agent Oso - see the clock when I hear D in the morning and realize that he's made it 7-8 straight hours (remember how I said I was up 3 times a night for a year? this is HUGE) - listen to babbling, DaDa, MaMa, dinosaur roars and car motor sounds - watch D flip through book after book after book after book after book - and I realize that this is sooooooooooooooo much fun. I love it all. I just don't have that "baby" anymore. I have a toddler, though, who will always be my baby.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Picture Update

Yeah - I owe you pictures - I KNOW. I've been so busy with work, theater (upcoming Steel Mag's), chasing after a RUNNING 15 month old, etc. etc. etc.

So - here's the quick version of our trip to the DuPage Children's Museum a few weeks ago. (Actually more than a month ago!) I can't believe he's so much bigger than this already! You wouldn't believe how much he's grown and changed in the past month! But - for now - a look back...

Painting with water when we first arrived! He loved it - I think I may incorporate this in to our "creative" time at home:

LOVING the "gear grinder" as I like to call it - really just spinning wheels and turning knobs to make clicking sounds:

Making shapes out of other magnet shapes:

His favorite part - the mirror tunnel! He did this about 5 times before we had to remove him so another kid could go in:

The water-play area. He actually didn't get soaked!:

CRASHED on the way home:

Maybe someday I'll get to recent events - like his first trip to the city and SHEDD AQUARIUM from this past weekend. So stay tuned another month and maybe I'll get to it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

D's First Bad Review

No - not a bad review of him...although he did "show his temper" to the babysitter during lunch yesterday, apparently. (My mother-in-law will not believe that though).

Nope - this blog is D giving his first bad review.
My child who loves everything that even LOOKS like a book found the first (within his age realm) that he wouldn't even sit through or flip through. Although it was a fooler...
I (well, and D) traditionally love every book that Dr. Seuss wrote or endorsed. The new mini-board book versions are a hit in my house - and I can never say no to a new book. We went to Barnes & Noble tonight to look for something for me - and with no luck we walked back to the children's books. With the success of the mini Dr. Seuss books in my house - and their SUPER perfect size just right for reading on his lap in the car...I thought I could use part of my gift card on him. I pulled down "The Nose Book". I thought it would be a new favorite because 1> he absolutely LOVES "The Eye Book" and 2> all he wants to do these days is point out noses...mine, Dain's, my 5 month old nephew's last weekend, you name it AND 3> he immediately grabbed it and refused to let go.
He held it on his lap while he slept on the way home - and when we came in and sat down to read it...he pushed it away and got up. I set it down with him and his other books that he was flipping through later - and he just casually tossed it aside. WHAT?!?

So - D gives this book a thumbs down.

It will be going back to Barnes & Noble to be exchanged for "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?" (to hopefully coax out that moo sound we've been working on) OR "In a People House" (a previous favorite) which I'm HOPING they put on the mini-books soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Steel Magnolias

Okay - this still isn't about the Museum trip...maybe someday I'll get to that.

I have been over-busy with work, a sick baby (I was out of the office 2.5 days this week, Dain 1 day and my mom took over the other .5 this afternoon - thanks mom!!), and the theater. YES - I'm still involved with my theater (and the community theater world as a whole). Hence the blog a week or so ago about turning down two of my dream roles - for roles I didn't even audition for no less.

One of those was a role in Steel Magnolias - an amazing play, and an amazing movie. (If you have never seen the movie - you must be under a rock...let me help you move that out of the way and get your buttocks to Blockbuster).
My theater, Geneva Underground Playhouse is putting on Steel Magnolias in mid to late February. I may not be IN the show - but I'm still pulling my duties in the PR department - including poster design, press releases, program design, etc. etc. etc.

Here's the poster I recently completed. Feel free to let me know if you want to share it at your place of work, on your blog, etc. and I'll get you a copy or the jpg.

And if you want to come - let me know!! It's an amazing show - with many quotable lines...some of which we overuse in my family. "It's like I always say - If you can't say anything nice about anyone, come sit by me!".

Thursday, January 14, 2010


No time for the update on the DuPage Children's Museum trip we took a few weeks ago. I have a sickie on my hands.

But there will be a post soon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Kicks

D needed some new shoes. He's a walker. FULL time. We have no time for crawling...unless he's laughing too hard to walk.

Anywho - D had one pair of shoes (period) that we bought him awhile back from JC Penney on a whim with a free $10 coupon (get on JC Penney's mailing list - they send you free money). They are cute gray "skater" sneakers. However - the soles are really thick and don't move with D's feet very well. Most cheap baby shoes are like that...which isn't as easy for him to get around in. Hence why my child is never wearing shoes.

So - I was told by numerous people - as well as my husband to suck it up and spend some money on some new good shoes for him. Stride Rite is always the company that comes to mind - but I couldn't fathom $45 for a pair of shoes out of nowhere. So, I remembered I had a Von Maur credit - and that they have a children's shoe department. We went there - and here's what we got...

These are by Pediped...and their company logo is "the next best thing to bare feet". The shoes have a super flexible sole, easy to maneuver velcro, and they are "well ventilated". Whatever, he looks cute - I only spent a few dollars out of pocket (thank you merchandise credit that has been in my wallet for about a year) - and he walks great in them.
We'll still use the little grey sneakers too - and if he doesn't match sometimes - well, guess what - he's 1.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

See You in the Morning

Another book review by the number one book fan of all time, D!

We have a new book from the library that we love at bedtime, and that even makes me cry a little sometimes. It's an adorable book that I'm immediately going to order and make our new "night-night" book (which is the final book of the night that's always the same and that is directly before we shut off the light and nurse/rock to sleep).

It's called (literally) I'll See You in the Morning, and it's sweet, simple, loving, and just perfect. I think it's a great book for students of attachment parenting or Dr. Sears - which includes moi.

Here's the lines from the book:
I'll see you in the morning, for now it's time to sleep. I will stay and watch a while...till you are counting sheep.

Don't be afraid of darkness. Don't be afraid, my sweet. The night is just a blanket that helps the Earth to sleep.

Creatures great and creatures small will all be sleeping soon. Under the same blanket...under the same moon.

So close your eyes and go to sleep, by the light of the moon above. I'll see you in the morning - in the light of the sun my love.

Dream your dreams of moonbeams. Let the night become your friend. The twinkling stars will keep you safe till morning comes again.

I'll be here if you need me, I'm only steps away. So close your eyes and go to sleep and dream of a brand-new day.

Good night...sleep tight...I'll see you in the morning.


Don't you just love it? Gets me every time. I'll see YOU later...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Wonderland

For the past two weeks, Chicagoland has been hit by snowstorm after snowstorm after FREEZING cold day. As a result, we really liked the fact that D was finally getting to enjoy snow for the first time...but it was really only from a distance. He hadn't gotten out in it yet. He has snowpants that came with his coat, but hadn't gotten any boots, until Santa Grandma Susie got him some for Christmas.

There was no stopping us from dragging him out in the nearly foot of snow we got a week ago. And no stopping me from testing out the new camera on the little dude...

He loved it for about 5 minutes - then the frustration of the layers and the boots that restricted his new love of walking really got the best of him...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Role Reversal

I just turned down one of my all time acting dream roles.

About 3 weeks ago I turned down one of the others. life really is different these days. If only I didn't have the WORST work schedule and commute. But it's impossible to take a theater role without completely neglecting my child. I refuse to do it now.
Every time I see those big baby blues and watch him do one more new thing a minute these days, I realize, I'm playing my greatest role to date every single day.

That. And...there's many years in the future for being on-stage ;)

New Year - So Different

Ha - it's 2010. What? 2010?!?!

I seriously can't believe it - I couldn't believe when it was 2000...and suddenly 10 years have passed since then? Unbelievable. I am seeing so many people with blog posts/facebook updates/e-mails/etc saying something similar. I don't think anyone realized how fast this year crept up on us.

Ah well...HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!

I saw a few minutes of one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time, When Harry Met Sally, the other night. At the end of the movie it's New Year's Eve and Harry (Billy Crystal) brings up the hit Auld Lang Syne - and the lyrics - and how he never really understood them.

Here are the lyrics for those who want to contemplate as Harry does...

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne?

There's of course more to the song (like 5 verses!) but just watch this 2 1/2 minutes of one of the greatest closing scenes in cinema history. You'll hear Harry's "rant" on this song...

I'm remembering all of you, old friends, and I'm trying to remember those of you I forgot as well. Happy 2010!