Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was a hit this year.  D discovered the idea of the Easter Bunny early-on and starting compiling a list basically the day after Christmas.

We had a great time doing our usual routine - Chenoa for the day before Easter Egg Hunt and Boian celebration, and Sunday with the Meyers.

Here's some pics from the festivities...
You're welcome, mom.

 D and cousin Will - busy before the Egg Hunt.
D didn't really help hide the eggs - he more just sat and played with the grass/flowers.
The cousins with "Flat Stanley" in representation of cousin Joey in Las Vegas.
The annual post-egg-hunt picture.  With my "brother" Ross.
D and Will played pool.
Opening the Wolverine Jet gift from the Easter Bunny with Dad.
Ready to hunt eggs at Boopa's house.
Got one!
Haven and D playing catch.  And confused apparently...

Friday, April 20, 2012

He Came With the Couch

It's another book review - and yes, the blog title is the book title.

"He Came with the Couch" by David Slonim is an instant classic - and I could almost tell from just looking at the cover.
I love this book. The guy on the cover drew me in, in the midst of the clutter of books on the library shelves. He looked almost like a familiar character from Sesame Street, or the like. We even got home with it and Dain said "hey, is that a Muppets character or something?" When I read that one of the dedications on the inside was to the late great Jim Henson, I could see where the inspiration had come from, and how it had succeeded.

The cute as a button book is about a little girl named Sophie's family who needed a new couch (presumably the family dog had ruined theirs), and went out to rummage sales to find a new one. They ended up at a junk lot and her dad found a couch he loved and they loaded it in the truck and away they went. When Sophie noticed the little blue creature, she asked her dad who it was and he said "he came with the couch". They tried to get the little guy to leave, but Sophie finally called the family doctor in when he wouldn't budge and he was diagnosed with "upholsterosis" and needed to get out more. The family took the guy, couch and all, to see some of the famous sites - and he still wouldn't move from the piece of furniture in their home.

I won't ruin it - but they finally agree to let him stay...and when they need a new chair, it seems they acquire a second friend. Made me hope there was a sequel!

It's ADORABLE and catchy. Not too long, not too short, and D absolutely loved it!
You will too.

Added to the Amazon list almost directly after the first reading:)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ring Bearer part deux

He did it! And was fantastic!!

Thanks to some "guy" bribes, Angry Bird fruit snacks, and sweet dance moves...D was the perfect ringbearer. He and my niece Haven were adorable!

Here's some pics from the wedding!