Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Santa

Does anyone else have a kid that keeps watching commercials or going to a friend's house and seeing something new that they want for Christmas?  Especially when you're DONE shopping??

We had to have D tell us his list so we can write it out - but when we go see Santa, we just hope he sticks with it :)

With all this holiday and baby stuff coming to a head at once, life is getting pretty expensive these days.  But it will all be worth it.  We're 7 weeks away from baby...and just 2 from Christmas.  YIPES!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Robot Nursery

It's been awhile - as my mother has pointed out.  I never thought I'd go so long between posts but life gets in the way sometimes!  Like when you're pregnant! :)  I'm 31 weeks today and can't believe how fast time is flying.

We're busy getting ready for the new guy.  We've been cleaning closets - painting the nursery - washing car seat covers - digging things out of my in-law's basement - etc. 

I realized I never really revealed on here what the nursery will be.  There was no vote this time, sorry :).  We decided to do a retro robot theme!  It's been really fun to think about and I'm trying to get things together in time but time and money seems to go QUICK.  I'm making the baby quilt myself and made pretty good progress.  Thanks so much to my mom who has agreed to quilt it for me once I have the top pieced together.

Now we're working on wall art, the rest of the crib bedding and everything else in between.  I had planned to do a lot more on my own - but by the time I finish the quilt and the mobile I may be wiped out.  So I'm employing full time!

Wish us luck!  Pics to come!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a great Halloween!  D LOVES Halloween and everything about it - so it was no surprise that he loved every part of his day.

He trick-or-treated in the morning with his preschool around Harper College - and got a HUGE bag of treats.  Then we proceeded to ACTUAL trick-or-treating in my in-law's neighborhood with my niece and sister-in-law.  It was great.

Here's the ninja turtle in all his glory:

Our children demanded costumes this year - my niece requested my sister-in-law be a bat.  D originally wanted more ninja turtle buddies - but last minute wanted Dain to be a policeman and me to be Catwoman - so I came up with a few things on my lunchbreak from work:

Buddies trick-or-treating - 2nd year in a row!

My newest niece enjoying her first Halloween! 

All in all - it was a success!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooky, Scary Skeleton Party!

D's 4th Birthday Party was a success!

We had his party this past Sunday at our regular location - the Peck Farm Park Orientation Barn.

It was a great day for a party and we had a great turnout.

Here's are the stations that we had set up for the kids:

The kids dressed in all black (or close to) and we had ribcage and leg/arm bone stickers so they could become a skeleton like the b-day boy in his skeleton sweatsuit.  I also had white face paint for any brave takers!

Cupcakes in black/white - with black and white skull sprinkles!  And some fruit, pretzels and candy to snack on!

Coloring sheets that said "I Shook My Bones at D's 4th B-Day Party"

Bozo buckets - but no one sadly knows what they are anymore.  I had skeleton buckets set up - with eyeball balls for tossing.  This didn't really go off as planned - the kids just carried the buckets and balls around.  But it was fun!

Found a picture on Pinterest for this one.  We provided a sheet of black construction paper and a skull head - with glue and q-tips - and the kids created a skeleton on their paper!

Skeleton Candy Necklaces!!  They were a hit!

The kids played with help from their moms that came and we sang happy birthday to D.  After a bit I handed out the goodie bags - containing skeleton straws, stretchy skeleton toys, skeleton sunglasses, a gummy skeleton candy and two skull rings. 
Then we headed outside to play in the beautiful weather before it was time to take down the decorations.

I sadly was running around too much to take too many pictures - but I got a few!  Here's some of the fun from our great day celebrating the GREATEST boy!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Costume Decisions

Well he finally decided!  THANK GOODNESS.
And I'm happy to report that we've gone back to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle idea.

D will be Raphael this year (but make note - this is probably because they don't make a Michaelangelo costume).

Now - to see if I can find a way to convince him that I'm actually April O'Neil!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Book Time

Another book review!   A quick one!

You may or not know the comedian Michael Ian Black.  He's most known lately for his commentary on the VH1, I love the 70's, 80's, 90's etc etc etc.  He's always been hilarious to me, and now I love him even more.

He wrote a book called "Chicken Cheeks"

It's a simple book - focusing on animal butts.  Yep...I said it...animal butts.

D thought it was hilarious when we got it from the library.  He had it memorized very quickly.  And laughed so loud when we read it the first time in a restaurant that people were turning around to see what was happening.

Famous pages are "kangaroo keister", "deer rear", "turkey tushie", "duck billed platypus gluteous maximus" and D's favorite "guinea pig buns".

It was a great book.  Hilarious as the animal stacked their booties on top of eachother to be able to reach honey up high in a tree.  I won't tell you how it ends. :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

So Guess What?

We're so excited!  D loves the idea of a boy baby.  So much that he was telling us that he didn't want a girl baby.  So, it's a good thing...IT'S A BOY!

(And we're not concerned they read it wrong this time - it was pretty crystal clear!)