Friday, July 27, 2012

Long Time - New News!

SOOOOO sorry I've been missing from this blog for 2 months.  Actually it's pretty much been longer than that.  But I have good reason...


I've been sick as a dog with this baby and for the past couple of months I could barely find the strength to do anything after I got D to bed in the evenings - which is when I usually blog.
I still feel like garbage most of the time - but it's time to go public.

I'm 13 weeks pregnant tomorrow - and the little booger is already making me look like I'm about 5 months along.  Seriously OUT OF CONTROL showing.  Already in full maternity pants, and seriously, I looked back at the 2008 photos of my pregnancy with D, and I think I was 20 weeks before I looked this big that time!

So - here's the photo of the bambino from the last ultrasound a few weeks ago.  

We're still debating whether or not to find out what we're having.  We'll see how it goes...

For now - stay tuned.  I will have lots to post on with this pregnancy...and my little superhero who we think will be the best big brother EVER.