Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ring Bearer

Oh yes! Dain's brother Kohl is getting married on Saturday and D is the ring bearer!

He's very excited about the wedding. He knows it's going to happen and I think he'll be ready to dance his pants off at the reception - as he's obsessed with many current dance-song favorites - most noteworthy is Party Rock by LMFAO - which he sang along to with the DJ at Disneyworld, and has been dancing to in our living room on a nearly nightly basis.

The problem is...he does NOT like wearing his tuxedo.
Tries to pull it off himself.

He has never been a fan of button-down shirts - because he thinks they are jackets. This tux is no exception - and 3 times worse because there's not only the button down shirt, but a button down VEST, and then the jacket. OH BOY.

So - we've tried to convince him that he's dressing as The Penguin (a la Batman) or Agent Secret (a la The Backyardigans). We hope it works. Dain's also been pumping him up saying they will BOTH be wearing tuxedos...since Dain is in the wedding as well.

I'm not above bribes though. I'm considering having a back-up new "guy" in my bag. The problem is - I don't think he'd let go of it for the walk down the aisle. And I don't know how kindly the bride and groom will take to a superhero or Star Wars legend accompanying the rings up the aisle of the church on their big day.

Oh boy. Stay tuned. It could be interesting.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easter Bunny

This Easter Bunny is getting concerned/tired...

D has been asking for things, and then changing his mind or adding to the list. We're trying to get it firmed up.

On another note - he's starting to tell us what he's going to ask Santa he's ready!

Is anyone else out there with a child with a never-ending list...let me know.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boys Aren't Like Waffles...

but now they are!
Here comes the latest book review!

If Waffles Were Like Boys by Charise Mericle Harper

This book is absolutely a MUST SEE if you have a boy - or know little boys in your life. I've added it to my mental list to buy for anyone I know who has a boy baby at any time in the future.

This book is simple, catchy and adorably cute! The story about similes between everyday objects and little boys is made only more amazing by the perfect illustrations. Ms. Harper has written an instant classic!

"If waffles were like boys...breakfast would be a battlefield". Cute, right? All the pages start with the boy interacting in everyday life with the object (sitting to a breakfast of waffles), and the next page features that object springing to life in only the way a boy can (waffles having a battle around a fort of milk cartons, etc).

The objects and their references just get more and more adorable...
"If socks were like boys...laundry baskets would be pirate ships".
"If shopping carts were like stores would be racetracks".
"If pillows were like boys...bedrooms would be superhero hideouts".
The list goes on and on. You have to see it to believe it!

Check it out...or buy it! I guarantee if you're a mom of a boy you'll be smiling and nodding through at least a few of the pages. And like me, you'll want to share this with all your friends! (Plus your boy will love it too!)

Thursday, March 1, 2012


We went on vacation?
Yes that's a question mark, and yes we went to Orlando which is part of the reason I only had ONE measly post in the month of February.

We went to Orlando to head to Disneyworld. We had a countdown on D's calendar, we watched the Disneyland movie 300 times, and we talked about it nonstop.
We arrived on Monday the 20th and went to the Magic Kingdom for the afternoon, and were off to a great start.

When we took our bus ride back to our hotel - I started getting stomach cramps - and by the time D was in bed asleep I needed to go to the ER.
I spent the next 2.5 days in an Orlando hospital with an obstructed bowel.

I am thankful that of any of us - it was me. If it were D we'd all have been a mess, and if it were Dain that would have left D and I to fend for ourselves and my tendency to worry would have made me want to camp out at the hospital with Dain. Plus it was Dain's birthday on that Tuesday - so he needed a little bit of celebration.
Because it was me, Dain and D were still able to go to the parks and stay in the hotel, and get some special time together to bond. Which I'm glad for. And D will tell anyone who'll stand still about his trip.

Our hotel turned out to be the best decision. It was not on property - but had a free shuttle to all the parks at different times of day, free breakfast every morning, and was a two-room suite with fridge and microwave (much like an Embassy Suites).
The Magic Kingdom was so much more bright and vibrant than I remembered from my last trip (which was in early high school), and the crowds were not bad at all. That place is a well-oiled machine.

D loved all he saw. He was hesitant to walk in to each ride/show - but once inside he loved it. He did have some fears but nothing to scare him off of rides altogether. His favorite was probably Star Wars (according to Dain) - or the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.

I was out of the hospital for our last afternoon at the parks and got to see a few things and we got to ride Pirates of the Caribbean and snuck in a little souvenir shopping!

I'm still devastated that I missed that 2.5 days (which were bad enough as it was), and that I only got two 1/2 days in the park after all we'd saved and planned for. I missed seeing D's face when he got to have lunch with the Disney Junior characters, and how he reacted to the Star Wars ride or his trip down Splash Mountain. But the joy in his voice when he talks about it is worth it.

I have a few pictures. With me laid up, and usually the only one who takes pictures, Dain had to remind himself at times so we only have a few posed shots. And a couple I took the first day...

Also - I got this quick video (not the best quality) of D at a DJ booth show in Magic Kingdom the first night we were there. They starting playing his current favorite song, Dynamite, and he was SO excited. He was really holding back too - I think because he was so overwhelmed by the fact that he had just met Chip, and that the music was so loud. But still - you can see he let himself dance and sing along a little (he knows all the words!). I love that I got this!

All in all it turned out to be a good thing. I won't delve into my stay at the hospital, or medical conditions. Just know I feel fine now...and ready for a vacation.