Monday, December 27, 2010

Someone loved Christmas...

Not just Dain. D did too.

He got some great gifts - including a talking Spiderman, piano floor mat that plays (ala the movie Big), a HotWheels bathtub ramp, bucket of army men, Thomas laptop, Batmobile, tent, etc. etc. etc....

It was so fun to watch him enjoy the holiday. We may need a bigger house for all the new stuff...but it was totally worth it!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Getting Ready for Santa, etc.

What has happened? No I haven't fallen in a hole in the earth...I've just been busy getting ready for Christmas, working and doing theatre business.

I don't really have a bunch of pictures to post (still on the camera) or theatre posters to share (next event is NYE @ GUP - no poster needed - but if you are looking for a fun New Year's activity - it's available!).

I did want to share that I'm becoming what I NEVER wanted to become - a crazy toy-shopping mom!! I just can't handle all the cute stuff that I know D would love. But on the other hand - we realize this is probably the last Christmas D isn't going to have specific requests (besides "car for Christmas") so we've capped the amount of gifts we get him. But I tell ya, I could've bought out the internet! I just kept finding more and more ideas that I know D would love. So, I'm adding things to my mental Easter list for him...

I don't want to reveal what we decided on - I'll have pictures later in the week I'm sure. I'm just so excited to see D's face on Christmas. He's SOOOO excited by so much these days. Christmas is going to blow his mind.

In the meanwhile we'll continue to sing Jingle Bells, Batman Smells - and wait for Santa.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


We can't stop singing the Thomas and his Friends song. D was even singing it to himself while he was bored waiting for me to find him shoes in the store last week. He'd watch this video over and over and over.

And if you sing it up to the part with the introductions - D will yell out their names and wait for you to do the description - although he knows those too! He can pretty much sing the whole thing.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sing It

I love The Sing Off.
Seriously - love.

Last season was good. But last night's opener for season two was phenomenal. And the group "The Whiffenpoofs" (acappella group from Yale) was my FAVORITE by a landslide (though I did love several others).

They immediately took me back to watching "The Other Guys" - a similar type group that is at U of I that I saw while my sister was a student there - and my parents have since become huge fans of - even owning CD's. I expected something like what I'd seen in the past. I did not, however, expect to hear one of my favorite songs done in such an amazing way.

Granted, if you were not familiar with the song "Grace Kelly" by Mika - you may have been a bit confused or thrown off by the performance. I was stunned and thrilled simultaneously. I LOVED what they did with it. I've watched the video a ton of times, saved my DVR'd episode mostly for this performance, and have shared my love for this on Facebook.

I can't help but share the full performance here as well. Maybe it's my theatrical background. Maybe it's my love of offbeat music. Maybe it's my appreciation of music and arts. Maybe it's my love of Mika. Any way you slice it - it's love. I LOVE this performance.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photo Update

Yes it's been since D's birthday since I gave you some cute pics to look at...I'm the worst. So - here's a few to make it up to you!

Here's some pics from our birthday trip to Legoland:

Halloween - with his buddy Ruby, and just being a gorilla:

Playing outdoors:

Out of Town Cousins in town for Thanksgiving: