Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't Forget

There's so many things about D right now that I NEVER want to forget. I've said it before...this is the closest thing to a baby book I have, so I'm going to record it here! Read it and weep (and I might, literally).

D talks in full sentences these days. It's so cute. But it's making me realize he's growing out of that baby phase. Words are clear, sentences are gramatically correct (Dain's so proud), and he knows more than I ever thought he would by this age.

There have been some words that he says wrong - and I ENCOURAGE it. Because it's so. stinking. cute. However I have noticed that some of them are converting to the correct pronunciation and I have to write this stuff down or someday I won't remember the sheer adoreableness of the everyday.
For instance - he has my old California Raisin figures. Yes, he may be the only 2 year old out there who knows who these things are...and knows they sing "I heard it through the grapevine." But he has always called them 'nain-rays' (the common dyslexic version of raisin). I have just referred to them that way as well...but then yesterday - he just starting saying raisins. Nain-rays out the window and as much as I try to get him to revert back, he's not doing it!

Here's the other super-cute terms that we've come to know and love with D:

'Terra-goat' = telescope (this is mostly with a toilet paper tube!)
'Pillupit' = pillow pet (yes, he has one from Grandma Susie)
'Terra-tops' = Triceratops
'Pommas' = Thomas (the tank engine)
'Cheesis' = Cheeze-its
'Marica' = Captain America'
'Piderman' = Spiderman
'Dart Daver' = Darth Vader
'Green Globin' = Green Goblin (notice a theme with the "guys"?)
'Brocky' = broccoli (perhaps his favorite food)
'What Doing?' = What are you doing? (usually this is full volume)
'Way-yo' = yellow
'Tanny' = Stanley (Evan & Marcy's dog)
'Bayball' & 'Backetball' = baseball & basketball
'I gom mum' = I got him!

And a few of my favorite sayings of his...
"I have idea...I make chicken"
"Hmmmm....I KNOW!"
"No thank you mommy. No thank you."
"You okay? Yeah, I okay."
"Cold out dere"
"P is a mystery" (we have no idea where this came from)
"Oh NO! A scary monster!"
"What's that sound? Let's go find it"
"Hide in the bush!"
"Mommy take you" (referring to when he'd like me to carry him somewhere)
"That a great song/book/movie mommy"

I am sure I'm forgetting a ton of my favorites. Stay tuned for additions!! And Dain may add some in - as may you!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A few more weeks...

A few more weeks have passed since a real post. But I have a few weeks left before some things I get REALLY excited about:

1 - my sister-in-law/best friend is moving back to Chicagoland!!! After several years of living in Seattle she and her little fam are relocating back to our area to be near family. She and I became very close while Dain and I were still dating/nearly engaged - and that's when they moved. Since then we've always fantasized about living near eachother - and near eachother's kids - and now it's about to be a reality!

2 - I'M GOING PART TIME AT WORK!! After years of thinking it was a pipe dream...starting on April 1st I will be going to 3 days a week and I am beyond thrilled. It will be a stretch. Financial stretch - big time. And work stretch - waiting to see how my work load adjusts and my co-workers adjust to my decreased production amounts. We shall see. But either way - I get to be home with my little dude 4 days a week and work 3. That's the dream I've always had, and for someone who's worked 45+ hours a week since her son was 9 weeks old, it's amazing.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


What a dreamy weekend it was last weekend. We had planned to go to Indianapolis for a fun-filled weekend. Stay in a nice hotel, which I got a great deal on through Priceline, have D in a full-sized provided crib, and hit up the best things to do for families in the city. It was all great on paper, then D got a fever the night before we left.
But we went anyways - and we had a great time - even though they didn't give us a crib (claimed they were out), D fought a fever and fatigue, and we came back Saturday night instead of Sunday morning. We still visited the world's largest (literally) Children's Museum, drove through the campus of Butler University and ate some great food at Old Spaghetti Factory downtown. Here's some pics of little sicky at the sites - he went in waves of being completely fine to completely miserable.

I loved the quick stop to a Northern city area we made to visit an independent children's bookstore that I had somehow found online. And, I LOVED IT. D loved it too, but mostly for the standard Thomas the Tank Engine table that was in the middle of the store
This adorable store, named Kids Ink, is basically my dream realized. Except someone else is living it. I don't need to mention that I love children's books. One of my absolute dream careers is to own a children's bookstore...of course. The Shop Around the Corner in You've Got Mail is an unbelievable fairy-tale version of what I would love, but Kids Ink in Indianapolis was more realistic. It's a very cute store - with all kinds of unique toys. But their book organization was amazing. They had picture books separated from science books, readers separated from language books, everything was beautifully shelved and easy to see.
Here's a link to the pictures on their Facebook page - which the only real site they have.
We left the store with an English/French book for D. As Dain knows French, and I took 4 semesters in college (though still couldn't put anything on paper, at least I know enough that I could order at restaurants when I was in Paris). It reads in English and in French and is a cute book for a little boy that loves bears
What I love is - I've never seen a book like this in Barnes & Noble or Borders. While those stores are a threat to the independent booksellers of the world, I like to hope that someday, somewhere, there's room for my shop around the corner. For those children's books I love. For those that are hard to find and out of print. For kids and parents that appreciate books themselves. But, who knows if that will ever happen. Until then I will remain dreamy. :)