Friday, July 29, 2011

Potty Time?

The last TWO days at my babysitter's house - D has gone potty on the potty chair! WHAT?!??

Yes - she's just going with the law of dry diaper theory - and if he woke up from nap dry or she went to change him and he was dry she just popped him on the potty. 2 of 2 times were successful - and he was rewarded with M&M's, high-fives and dancing with all the kids! (No wonder he performed - shoot, I like everyone praising me and dancing around in MY honor!).

We've stuck him on his potty chair at home twice as a result - but no dice here. Oh well. I'm not going to push it, as the bed thing is new and going well. I want to stick with one grown-up thing at a time. I don't think I can handle him growing up much faster than he is. I was in tears over taking apart his crib, and over painting over the nursery walls!

Anyways - my blog is because I wanted to see people's thoughts on potties. If you have kids - please vote to your right on how you potty trained. My babysitter doesn't use a seat or a potty-chair - - she puts them on the toilet facing backwards so they have to hold on - and for boys, so there isn't a spray-factor. I guess it works well - and there's no free hands to unwind toilet paper by the roll like there is at my house! I just thought it was interesting. Another idea I never would have thought up on my own!

Wish D luck! Potty training has begun!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Batman's Moving In!

Yes he is. And he's about to take over D's room!

We've known for awhile that D is just too big for his crib...but he's so happy in there, that it's hard to think about moving him out. He's never once tried to climb out, and when we used to ask him if he wanted a big boy bed, he would just respond with "no, my crib" - so we left well enough alone.

Lately we've realized it's getting to be time - and even though previous efforts of promising him superhero or whatever kind of bedding was in sight for his big boy bed fell flat - we realized we hadn't hit him with the big guns....Batman.

If you don't know, D is borderline obsessed with Batman. And he's 2.5 years old. It seems a little young but he's obsessed. He sleeps with a Batman and Flash action figure every night, spends HOURS a day with the Batcave (hence my previous post), and watches the old Adam West episodes of the Batman TV show that we DVR for him. So we offered him a Batman room - and he bit...BIG time.

It's gotten to the point that now he whines for his Batman bed or his Batman paint. So we're full steam ahead. We went and bought light blue paint tonight - and starting Sunday we'll be covering up the green stripes that have donned his room since before he even arrived. This makes Dain and I a little sad. We worked HARD on getting that room to look like it does. Three different colors of green - and my vision of a room of greens came alive. He had a nursery that looked like no one else's ever would. Here's a picture - back from when we first finished the paint job.

But I suppose all good things must come to an end at some point. Our realtor, when we first listed our house on the market, had suggested we paint over it then to a more neutral shade - but D was still under a year old, and we just weren't ready to say goodbye to the fun, whimsical room that we poured our hearts into. But now, in order to get him into a big boy bed, and to give him the room of his DREAMS, we will let it go.

Here's a preview of what's moving in. The bedding and the giant bat signal wall decal.

Some things will be moving OUT of his room - along with the paint. The changing table, that my dad poured his heart into - and the green toy box that houses the stuffed animals. But it's necessary. We're still trying to figure out how we can squeeze the rocker/glider still in the room - because quite frankly I don't know how he'll live without it. But that's that. We'll add some more superhero artwork, change out the green lamp, and call it a day. I'm so excited/anxious to see what D thinks when this all comes to pass. I'm sure he'll be too excited to sleep.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

D's getting bigger!

We're pretty sure he's going through ANOTHER growth spurt - and he already looks like he's 4. He's now in a size 10 shoe, been sleeping a ton and eating ALL of his food. So I decided I need to get some photos up, before he's bigger than me!

Enjoying some time at the lake...

"Hiking" at the Forest Preserve.

Painting and loving it! I'm hoping he'll be an artist!

Being a "burro". He loves them, as does Scott on Imagination Movers!

Riding the fast-turn cars at Swedish Days. Thought he might have whiplash but loved it.

Meeting a favorite hero/nemesis, The Joker, at Superheroes night at Kane County Cougars.

Hitting the hedges at Morton Arboretum.

Loving the splash park...

I can't handle how big he's getting. It's so much fun - but makes me shocked.
Stay tuned as we're going to be starting the big boy bed transition soon!

Monday, July 11, 2011


I may have posted that the Easter Bunny brought D the Batcave. I don't honestly remember.

I must tell you though - I knew he'd love it. I didn't know, however, that it would be SO loved and he would be SO addicted to it. He seriously plays with it every day - multiple hours a day. He's without a doubt addicted to everything Batman.

The Batcave came with a Robin, which was KEY as we did not have one going in. D loves everything about Batman and has expanded his knowledge to know that they are the "Dynamic Duo". You may or may not know that D takes some of his "guys" (action figures) everywhere he goes...the babysitter's, stores, dinner, bed, you name it. This included bringing Batman, Robin and Joker (who are all friends in D's world by the way) to the fireworks on the 4th of July.
We walked to Dain's grandparent's house to watch the fireworks which was a good distance away. On the way home, D fell asleep in the stroller, and TRAGEDY STRUCK when we got to the car and I realized D had dropped Robin somewhere along the dark, long walk. It was too late and too dark and too busy to go back and look for him. I had to distract D for a few days while we waited for the gods at to deliver a new Robin. The good news was, Robin came with his own batcycle (or bicycle as D calls them). The bad news is - D still refers to him as New Robin. ;) But he's back to thrilled that the guys are back together again.

So another day, another few hours with the Batcave. Seriously the Fisher Price Imaginext people had no idea that a 2 year old in Illinois would be so obsessed with their product when they created it. I just love it.