Thursday, May 27, 2010

Theater Workshops for Kids!

My theater - Geneva Underground Playhouse - is offering summer theater workshops for kids!
COME AND JOIN US - YOU CAN BE A GUPPY!! (Geneva Underground Playhouse Performing Youth!).
Here's the logo - designed by yours truly (sorry for the white background - it's a weird file type):
Click HERE to see the feature story in today's Geneva Sun.

You can visit our website for details and to sign up:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Am I?

Where has blogger-Marie gone?

Seriously - blame Dain. My adoring hubster was over-generous with his Mother's Day gift (well, I guess D was too - but he isn't really allowed to operate a credit card yet) and I'm now the very proud owner of an iPod. An iTouch 3rd generation to be exact. (Thanks again Dain & D!)
This means I don't really go online on my actual computer much anymore at home. I just check my e-mail accounts, facebook, etc from the palm of my hand when I'm in the house - or anywhere else there's wireless internet and I have a free moment.

So here I am with not a lot to blog about tonight except my iTouch.

D's growing and changing daily it seems. He's added some words to his list, including "dude" (a favorite of Dain & I's), "I do", "up", "puppy", etc. He's also doing some super-cute new things like blowing kisses, singing, having his dinosaurs "fight" eachother, crashing cars together and looking over his snack/food selection if you ask what he wants...while he decides he says "ummmm". CUTEST EVER. He's also heartbeats away from many other milestones - including getting doorknobs twisted and open. He basically wants to get in to everything.

Here's a favorite shot of mine - him trying to get into the shed. He just looks so big...I can't get over it.
More soon I promise! I can blog from my iPod - so there really shouldn't be any excuses eh?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Belly Button

Uh - just to show you his favorite thing...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It's no real secret that D loves TV. I wish I could say I had a kid tht had no interest in TV, or that I didn't let him watch it...but I can't (although don't think that he watches TV non-stop - we monitor the amount he sees). He LOVES it. He mostly loves anything with music - whether it's a kids show or not.
He really gets into commercials that are on during stuff that Dain and I watch. He's had a few that have really caught his eye - and the most current is the new Gatorade commercial. I love it too - love the music (which is actually a new song written just for this purpose if you can believe it).

We sing this around the house - and sadly he'll go check the TV to see if it's on :).

Maybe he also just loves commercials that Dain and I do - - here's another from this past holiday season that he couldn't get enough of. I wish it was still on for his sake!

But Dain and I still sing it for him. Ahhh parenting.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Word Update

My little chatterbox never ceases to amaze me with new words and what he'll repeat! He repeats a LOT but they don't make it into his everyday vernacular. He does have quite a list of regular words though - and here's a catch-up:

Mama :)
No (this is most frequent)
Go Dog Go (as in the book)
Emma/AJ (two of my babysitter's kiddos)
Bah-ball (baseball) & Ball
T (ha - yes he still loves the T)
Key (kitty)
Ni-Ni (night night)
Hot Dog (likes them - but mostly because of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
Oh or Ooooh
Ah Duh (all done)
Shhh :)

There's probably tons more - I'll let Dain comment on here to tell you what he remembers too.

I will say that the kid knows WAYYYYY too much - he understands everything - knows characters (mostly TV sadly), animals, animal sounds, body parts, colors, etc. He knows exactly what we're talking about most of the time...follows instructions, can point out most anything you ask, and I'm just waiting for the real-song singing. He loves music - he dances, claps, etc - and will sing nonsense babbling - but I think he'll be doing real songs in his own version soon.

I just can't believe my baby does all this already!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Falling Asleep at the Meal

This is on my Facebook page (and Dain's), but for all you non-Facebooker's out's a video of D after the playdate from last weekend - falling asleep in his lunch


Another show at G.U.P.!! (That's Geneva Underground Playhouse for those of you not "in the know").

This show opens this weekend - and I have to say it's pretty unbelievable to tell you that we're putting up the North American Premiere of the stageplay K-PAX. Yes - this may sound familiar, it was a movie starring Kevin Spacey a few years back.
The playwright and novelist (from which the movie came as well) is a man named Gene Brewer, and he's coming to our little theater to our little show and doing an appearance!! I wish I had time to type out more - but I'm on a crunch to get the programs done for opening night on Friday - so I'll just paste the press release below - and of course the poster I did. (This poster is more conceptual - items were requested and placed by the director based on concepts in the play). Let me know if you want to come out!

K-PAX novelist, playwright to appear in Geneva

The Geneva Underground Playhouse is pleased to announce that author Gene Brewer will greet people at the theater’s May 16 performance of K-PAX.

Dr. Brewer, who wrote the original K-PAX novel followed by two sequels, adapted the stage play from his original novel.

The Geneva Underground Playhouse production of the play will be the North American premier. It opens Friday, May 7 and will have eight performances through Saturday, May 22.

Dr. Brewer and his wife Karen will attend the show at 3 p.m. May 16 to celebrate its North American premier, and will meet with people in a reception immediately following in the theater at 524 W. State St. in downtown Geneva.

“This is a big moment for our theater,” said Steve Lord, president of the Geneva Underground Playhouse Board of Directors. “It’s an honor for us to produce the North American premier of this play, and an even bigger honor to have Dr. Gene Brewer see the production and visit us.”

The reception will serve as a fund-raiser for the non-profit, community theater, so tickets will be higher than normal performances. Tickets for the May 16 event will be $30 for adults, and $25 for seniors and students. The price includes the show and reception afterward.

For more information or reservations, see the theater’s website, at, or call 630-232-7683.

Many people know K-PAX from the movie, which starred Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges. While it was based on Brewer’s novel, he did not write the screenplay.

The story takes place in a mental institution, where one guest claims to be an alien, named Prot, from the planet, K-PAX. While the doctor at the institution probes his mind, attempting to find out who he really might be, Prot helps improves the lives of fellow guests at the institution, and influences everyone around him.

Is he really an alien from another planet, or a deluded patient who has assumed another personality? That is up to the audience to decide.

Dr. Brewer himself is a Midwest native. Born and raised in Muncie, Ind., he was educated at DePauw University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before becoming a novelist, Dr. Brewer studied DNA replication and cell division at several major research institutions, including St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, in Memphis, and Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland. He now lives in New York City and Vermont.

The GUP production features Geneva resident Pat Able, as Dr. Gene Brewer, and Scott Surowiecki, of Chicago, as Prot. Other actors performing in the play include: Angela Bend (Bess), of St. Charles; Kathy Richardson (Giselle), of Elburn; Steve Lord (Chuck), of Geneva; Russ Devereaux (Ernie), of St. Charles; Peter Lemongelli (Howie), of Cicero; and Angelicque Cate (Betty), of Elgin.

It is directed by Eric Peter Schwartz, of DeKalb.

Other show dates and times are: 8 p.m., May 7, 8, 14, 15, 21 and 22; and 3 p.m., May 9.

Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for seniors and students. Tickets may be purchased with a credit card online at the website. Reservations can be made by calling the box office 630-232-7683, for tickets to be picked up show night and paid for with cash or check.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Group

Well - by popular demand - I'm putting in a pic of D with his new do. The photo is compliments of my friend Tara who took it this's not his best photo - but you can see the hair:Tara is one of my "girls" from the old breastfeeding group. There are 6 of us from the old Delnor support group who still get together as close to once a month as possible...and today was the first day in a LONG time that all of us were together. Thank goodness Tara has already e-mailed me the pictures! I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm so thankful to have these girls in my life. Since D's 3rd week of life, I've always had this group of girls - all with similar ideals to my own, all with kiddos within 3 months of D's age (a few just a few weeks!) and all fantastic to have discussions with about anything and everything. It started with breastfeeding "support" but has totally branched out to support for all areas of our now toddlers and life in general.
We had a great morning together. It may be the last big group for awhile - with busy summer months - and the fact that one of the girls is due with #2 in a few weeks! But we'll make every effort -I think we all value our time together pretty highly!