Saturday, August 30, 2008

Paint x 3

We bought the paint...finally!

Yep - we're doing stripes in the room...and we bought 3 colors of green. I found a website that has all paint colors...and although I'm not sure that this is get an idea.

I also got powdered tempura paint today - to make the green wash for the small paintings for Boogie's room that I plan to do. Now all I need are small canvases...which I plan to find online...wish me luck on these.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Childbirth & Bloodstone

So I've decided I need to get prepared for this whole childbirth thing...

We're signing up this week for Childbirth Education at Delnor (the hospital I will deliver Boogie at). Yep, 4 weeks of fun...learning about breathing, pain relief, pushing out a kid, etc. etc. Plus we'll get a tour of the facility. It will be nice to be a little more prepared that way.

Let me just say that I've always been SUPER afraid of childbirth. Something about the size of the kid, and where it comes out just does NOT seem right. Add that to the horror stories that people tell of pooping on the delivery table, and screaming obscenities - and you get a nervous Marie. I thought that when I ever got pregnant, everything would seem normal, and I'd be less nervous and more "in tune" with the idea. NOPE. I'm still scared out of my mind. But, I'm trying to be as prepared as possible.

You'll have to wait a few weeks to hear how childbirth class progresses (it doesn't start until mid-September). Until then, I'm looking at alternative ways to prepare myself.
I'm considering prenatal yoga classes...I think that would be very good for me, and good for Boogie as well.
I also have read about the healing stones (yes I'm a new ager that believes in that) and I think I need to get a Bloodstone item (necklace, bracelet, something to wear at birth). Here's the metaphysical description:
"Bloodstone is in the Chalcedony family of stones and is also known as heliotrope. It is a stone of courage. Bloodstone helps one focus on the energy of one's heart. It helps in overcoming stress and anxiety. It revitalizes love, friendships and relationships. Use it to facilitate admittance into the realms of the ancestors and allow it to help open communication with those who have walked on the path before us! Bloodstone has been said to assist in the labor and delivery of newborn babies. "

I'll let you know what I end up with...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Votes Please!

In my continual search for a unique/functional diaper bag...I've come across many options. I didn't want a mass-produced item - and I'm not really in love with any of the standard types anyway. They're just not me.

So - here's a few that I've found through my searches. Vote for your favorite! I am encouraging commentary here...there are 10 showing.











Friday, August 22, 2008

BOvine Intervention

Did you know that you see a COW everyday??

This is apparently a proven fact...studies have been done. You will see a cow everyday.

Okay - you won't see an actual cow everyday, as in the living, breathing and mooing variety. However - you will see a picture in the paper, an image on a food label, a cow on TV, a logo at a store, or you may actually see a live cow!

I had trouble with this at first. I mean, sure, I grew up in a farm town where I probably DID see a real live cow everyday. My brother-in-law is an Angus cattle farmer, so my sister now lives on a farm where they look out the window to cows everyday, and touch them everyday. However - now that I'm up in Chicagoland...this isn't really the norm for me anymore - and I know isn't for most of you. I didn't really believe that this could be true...but then I found this story online of a guy who heard the same statistic and kept a blog of his "cow" encounters everyday. Totally hilarious. And he DID see a cow every day. He even took pictures of the ones he could (if they were in the paper, or on a label in the grocery store, etc).

Now - some of you Debbie Downer's will probably try to prove this wrong. It's not always obvious - you have to be don't poop on this theory right away. I am going to try to see if I can find my cow everyday. Kind of like looking for the Mickey Mouse heads in each of the rides at Disneyworld (yes that's true too).

For today - I'll make it easy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dain & Boogie & Wii

So Dain's hoping that this can be him playing our Nintendo Wii - and hoping Boogie will be as amused as this (hilarious) baby...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So - you may or may have not noticed the addition of links to our registries at the top of the column on your right. I'm still adding things occasionally - but we're pretty much done.

People have asked me why we have an "internet" registry (and Dain thinks it's tacky that the site is called - but I don't name these things!). Anyways - we have the internet registry because there are several things that are not available in Babies R Us that are very important to me for my child.

1. CLOTH DIAPERS. Yes - I'm using cloth diapers. I've always planned to. Get over it. The diapers I have on the internet registry (as of today 8/19/08) are not complete - but I will be adding more soon. Basically I have the diapers on the list that Boogie will need right out of the gate - which are "pre-folds", like the cloth diapers of the past. These fit infants the best, and will work as an inexpensive option until he will fit into the One Size cloth diapers that will take him through to potty training. The money per diaper for these One Sizer's seems like a lot - but I will actually be saving TONS and TONS of money in the long run. Imagine not having to pay for diapers after the first few months of building a stash! Awesome!

2. NATURAL PACIFIERS. I wanted to get the natural - all-rubber pacifiers that aren't made with plastics and various other toxins. These are great...and cute!

3. NATURAL TOYS. I have some on the registry - things made from wood with non-toxic paints, natural teethers, etc. These are cute, retro-ish, and very safe for babies. I could've added so much - but they aren't cheap - and toys aren't the most important thing we'll need!

4. SAFE BABY BOTTLES - made from PES plastic. They are free of phthalates and free of bisphenol A...all better for the baby.

There are some other things included. But these are some very important items for me, and Boogie.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In The Stars...

Yes, I believe in Astrology. I follow it. I do Tarot Cards. I used to be into Palm Reading, and need to get back on that. You may not have known these things about me...but you do now. I'm a new age girl!

I found info on Parenting Astrology Compatibility (you can do Parent & Parent, Parent & Child, or Child & Child [which is what I should have done for Dain and I!]) - - here's our results (if Boogie comes out at his supposed time!)

Parent & Parent: DAIN (Pisces) & ME (Leo)
Your greatest gifts as parents are your creativity and imagination. Your home will be rich with song, books, plays, costumes, and various projects, but don't expect it to be very neat. As a family, you have more important priorities! The Leo mom or dad could be the ringleader in all this activity. You have a childlike spirit and affectionate warmth that is very appealing to children of all ages. Your kids know from the start that they can depend on your loyalty and love.

The Pisces parent is more dreamy but equally dramatic. You're intuitive and sensitive, connecting with your children on the spirit plane as much as the physical.

One challenge you face as parents will be in making sure that the Leo parent does not demand too much attention and that the Pisces parent doesn't give all their caretaking to just one person. Find the balance.

Parent & Child: ME (Leo) & BOOGIE (Sagittarius)
Your Sagittarius child is as bright and dynamic as you are. Expect some incredible adventures in raising this kid. Friends, neighbors, and strangers alike are drawn to your little one, who seems to attract excitement almost effortlessly! And your child is always up for something new, so he'll happily follow you from one escapade to the next.

Sometimes your little Sagittarius might do or say something that hurts your feelings, but try to remember that he means well. He's just a little too bluntly honest -- and you're somewhat sensitive, though you hide it behind that warm, brave exterior of yours.

Be sure to give your little one plenty of freedom and autonomy. Exploring is his best method of learning, and he needs lots of space in which to roam. You'll love the way he keeps gravitating back to you, his steady rock and emotional center.

Parent & Child: DAIN (Pisces) & BOOGIE (Sagittarius)
Your Sagittarius child keeps you busy, that's for sure! This adventurous, playful child is always on the go. Even when she's still in diapers, it can be a challenge to keep up with her. You love your little one's innate curiosity about the world, and you have no problem letting her explore its boundaries. You're a somewhat free-form, permissive parent, and you give little Sagittarius the freedom she needs to roam.

Of course, neither of you is much for details, so the day-to-day tasks of parenting -- getting your child to school on time, serving regular meals, establishing a routine for bedtime -- can be a bit of a stretch for you. Let's hope there's someone else in your lives to provide a practical, grounding influence for you and your little Sagittarius. Otherwise, your instinct is to wander through your imagination while your child wanders the world.

The Little Things

I've become a little bit more "aware" of myself since becoming pregnant. It's weird to feel all the sudden like you know your body better than you ever have. Although, I did go to the doctor yesterday and realized I didn't "know" my body was gaining so much weight!! :)

I've also become very aware of the little things that give me an unexpected feeling of happiness. Stupid stuff. Like, in my last blog I mentioned how one little thing that I've always appreciated is a new box of crayons. Seriously, $1.99 and I smile for months...for no real reason. But now, I'm noticing things more and more.

With all the big things that stress us out and cost so much, isn't it nice to know that there are things like a new box of crayons that can mean so much?

It's so easy to find little smiles...for me it's:
-brand new crayons
-watching an episode of Gilmore Girls
-eating Trix cereal
-walking in the rain
-finishing a book
-that moment before the lights go up on the stage
-coffee with cream
-the smell of tomatoes fresh from a garden

What are some of yours?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Weekend - By: Marie

Titling things like this makes me feel like I'm in grade school - and with kids getting ready to go back to school I figured it was a perfect title. MAN I miss buying school supplies. That's the best. I still buy a new box of crayons about once a year...don't ask why...I just love them and it makes me feel nostalgic. Seriously, is there anything better in the world than a new box of crayons??

Alright - enough of that tangent. I did have a pretty great weekend, even without new crayons.

My BFF/sister-in-law Stephanie was in for the weekend from Seattle for her 10 Year Reunion. I got to see her part of each day and it was great. It's never enough - we need to live in the same town, as we say all the time! Someday it will happen. Until then, we take advantage of any time we have together - though we didn't really do anything big and exciting at all this weekend. It's a lot of just hanging out...but that's what we do best.

On Friday afternoon I went back to the doctor for another ultrasound. It was a fairly boring one, as they were just looking at Boogie's heart...but they did sneak a peak to confirm that he is 100% boy. That's a relief...I was afraid it would change again! Stephanie went with and wanted a look at his face, but he was literally bent in half facing down playing with his toes!! No child of mine is a foot-lover...I will have to have a talk with him when he comes out :)

Friday night, Dain and I got the dresser for Boogie's room all put together. It looks even better in person - and the wood is a beautiful dark color. Boogie now has a nicer dresser than we do! This picture doesn't really make it look as dark and pretty as it is...but you get the idea.

Saturday was fairly tame. I got the house clean, saw Steph for a few hours in the afternoon - and had pizza with the in-laws. Dain and I saw "The Dark Knight" that night. I'm SO impressed with Heath Ledger's performance! makes me sad to know that he'll never get to keep expanding his careers by taking on even more in-depth characters.

Sunday was a good one. Stephanie joined Dain and I on our trek down to Chenoa for my grandma's 90th birthday celebration. It was an open house held at the nursing home, and lots of my dad's cousins showed up making it a very successful birthday party.
Here's me and Chummie, the b-day girl:
I also got a cute shot of Stephanie and my niece, Amelia: (Sidenote: Stephanie, how come we never get photos together??)

That was that.

And - the photo you've been waiting for since Week 20 - my belly shot. Here's me at 24+ weeks (6 months+!). I'm huge.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Softball Victors

Dain's softball team had a great season - and capped it all off on Tuesday night with their 2nd straight season championship.

It was a nailbiter at the end - and there were 3.5 billion mosquitoes out there...but it was fun to see them win again.
Here are the brothers Meyer, with their plaques and the "big" team trophy:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My custom quilt is done...AGAIN!!

For those of you following along - I had a girl I found on that was making me a custom quilt based on one I saw she made. At first - she was including pinks and girl colors...but as we soon found out - Petunia became BOOGIE!
SO - we decided to go with greens (see The Green Room post) - and she started a new one. I just got a note today that it's done!! What a great birthday present (yes, it's my b-day).

SO - here are some photos she sent, and it's being mailed today or tomorrow.
She said that the lighting was dark so it's not very color-accurate - so you'll all just have to come over and see it!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Myths of Cloth Diapers

ALRIGHT PEOPLE. Enough is enough.

After listening to the Negative Nancies that are my sister and mother - I realized the world of the under-researched into cloth diapers needs a bit of an education.

Here's some myths - and how you can understand JUST THE BASICS of how cloth diapering really isn't hard, isn't pinning washcloths on babies, and isn't dunking poop-rags in the toilet anymore. Welcome to 2008. (Source:

#1. You have to toilet-dunk.

The belief that you must dunk your diapers in the toilet and flush repeatedly or use a "diaper duck" to clean them is simply not true. Toilet dunking is for the birds! Diaper services don't require you to dunk your diapers, so why should you? Let your machine do the work for you -- most moms these days do. If your baby or toddler has well-formed solid poops, sure, you can toss the solids into the toilet -- but for messy jobs, don't fret it. If we can do it, so can you!

Little known fact: Did you know that you aren't supposed to dispose of human waste from any diaper, disposables included? It says so right on the package.

#2. Cloth diapers don't keep your baby dry.

Disposable diapers have helped proliferate the myth that "a dry baby is a clean baby". Disposables use the super-absorbing chemical polyacrylate (why disposables often feel like a squishy "gel" inside the inner panels), which makes the diaper "a wearable toilet" of sorts. Parents are supposed to change their baby's diaper when they soil themselves, however with the advent of these super-absorbent and many times dry feeling chemical-laden disposable diapers, they get changed, typically, much less frequently. I have actually heard of parents who feel changing a baby five times a day is adequate! Sad, but true. With cloth, not only is it easy to tell when your baby is due for a change, they also potty train much sooner because toddlers can actually feel when they wet themselves (imagine that!). The gel in disposables also will draw moisture from your baby's skin! I remember when my daughter was in disposables (yes, I confess, I was a disposable user!), I would actually find these gel "beads" on her diaper area.

#3. You have to change cloth diapers more often.

With disposables, babies sadly don't always get changed when they soil themselves (because they "feel" dry, see myth #2, above). However the American Academy of Pediatrics states, "Regardless of which type of diaper you use, diaper rash occurs less often and is less severe when you change diapers often." Changing your baby's diaper when they wet themselves seems an easy and common sense enough approach for all parents to be able to adhere to.

#4. Cloth diapers, and diaper pails, smell.

Cloth diapers smell no worse than disposables, in fact many new-to-cloth moms have told me that their disposables smelled far worse than their new cloth diapers do (I guess that's why the Diaper Genie was invented...). And a good air-tight diaper pail that uses non-toxic deodorizer disks like "Deodisks ®" keeps an unwanted odors at bay.

#5. Cloth diapering is more difficult.

Doing my diaper laundry one or two times a week is much less trouble than having to get dressed, get the baby ready and make a run to the store for disposables when I suddenly realize I am out. In a pinch, you can even use doublers as a diaper subsitute while you do your laundry. You are truly never out of diapers. Imagine never having to leave your living room for diapers in the middle of the night!

#6. Cloth diapering is more time consuming.

I can get my diapers washed and dried while me and my daughter eat our lunch and play around the house. There is no need to run out to the store or waste time in the car when we could be playing or learning! Folding diapers, while not necessary (many people use a decorative basket in the nursery for this purpose), is a fun activity for me and my 17 month old to do together. It makes her feel important as she helps Mama with the folding, and we practice her numbers by counting as we stack the diapers.

#7. You have to use diaper pins.

While some moms still love the art of pinning with the quaint appearance and snug fit it provides, others, including me, were frightened by it! If you are scared of pins or simply don't even want to try, fear not, CuddleBuns has your answer! Snap and velcro fitted diapers are as easy to put on as disposables, and prefolds folded in thirds and then layed down the middle of a snug velcro wrap are as easy as 1-2-3! There are also clips and other fasteners available as diaper pin subsitutes.

#8. You have to use a diaper service.

...and aren't they expensive? Yes, they can be. In fact in some geographical areas, they are more expensive than disposables! Though this is rare, you can still save significantly over disposables and cloth diaper services by home laundering your own premium quality cloth diapers. Diaper services for the most part only offer prefolds, and not the attractive and convenient fitted diapers that many moms today have grown to love, and some can't do without! Home laundering is simple and easy, just wash the CuddleBuns way!

#9. Cloth diapering is more expensive (after factoring the cost of detegerent, water and electricity).

Not even close. Disposables cost an average of $1000-$2000 (depending on brand and geographical area) over the course of one child's diapering years. Cloth diapers not only cost an average of only $150-$300 , but they can be used over and over on subsequent children with only a handful of replacements from wear and tear. The water usage equals the same amount they would use as a potty trained child who was toilet trained, and the electricity usage is minimal. Add to all this that it takes more water, per diaper, to produce a disposable diaper than a cloth one!

#10. Cloth diapers are bulky.

Snug fitting wraps and covers with a prefold folded in thirds down the middle, a dense flannel or interlock ("t-shirt") fitted diaper (flannel tends to be trimmer than terry, with interlock being the very trimmest) can actually be quite thin -- and rival even the trimmest disposable!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Boogie's New Threads

Yeah - I'm expanding Boogie's wardrobe...slowly.
I was always under the impression that baby girls' clothing was so much cuter. (Okay, most of it still is, let's face it). However, we've gotten some CUTE stuff...compliments of several people. Here's some pictures:

This was the first item I purchased after learning that Petunia was actually a Boogie...

Uh, "Milk Monster" - hilarity!

SUPER proud of this find...

I just got this from my friend Katie...girls' clothes are cuter my butt!

There are several others - I'll post more later. Until then - here's an adorable picture of Penny for good measure...